Having a church website makes you open to the outside world and help you attract more visitors. However, not all church websites are as effective as others and that is because of the lack of some of the most important features in it. It is important to have some specific elements in your church website to make it able to do what you are expecting it to do. Let us take a look at the things your church website must have.


1.    Staff Names and their Titles

Most of the people who visit your website are not the members but visitors of the church. Therefore, you need to make sure that the website is made keeping in mind the visitors and should be more visitor centric. Posting the names and titles of the staff members you have will allow the visitors to know who they will be meeting. Including a picture and contact info of all the members will allow visitors to feel more connected with the church.


2.    Information about Youth and Children’s Ministry

Your website is the front door to your church. Therefore, make sure that when parents visit the website, they know what to expect when they come to the church accompanied with their children and youth. It is important to let them know that they will be cared for and safe in the church. Before they come to the church on a Sunday morning, make sure they are aware of what their kids will experience at the church.


3.    Church Calendar

You might not be able to mention everything in your bulletin or announcements each week, but with a calendar, you can do as much as you like. Having a well managed and regularly updated online calendar will ensure that your guests, visitors and members have the most up to date information about the happenings of the church and the upcoming activities they might be interested in. All the up to date information about the church events will be at the fingertips of the users.


4.    Contact Information

It might seem an obvious thing but there are a number of church websites that do not have an contact page or any contact information whatsoever. A church website should provide detailed contact information and also have someone to respond to any queries and inquiries within 24 hours.

5.    A Statement of Beliefs

Having a statement of beliefs clearly mentioned on the website will not only be great for the theologically minded but also for the ones who have moved from another town or church. With a statement of beliefs, you will be able to convey your ideals to the visitors clearly without leaving any ambiguity.


6.    Major News Item

Your church website should also have a separate page for all the latest news about the church for the people who could not make it to the church week. Any important announcements or news should be published here regularly.


Having a well-developed and maintained website for the church is important for the current era. There are many church management software companies that also offer church website design and development services. You can get their help to design, develop or optimize your existing church website to include all the above mentioned elements.





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