All women know how important it is to get the look right for every single occasion. Whether you’re attending an important business meeting, a job interview, a night out with the girls or a date with Mr Right you need to ensure that you’re looking your best – and appropriate – for each occasion and that means teaming the right accessories with your outfit to give it the finishing touches to take you from ‘professional’ to ‘classy’ when you need to.


When it comes to choosing something for professional purposes, it’s often best to implement a ‘less is more’ policy which enables you to wear something classy and stylish without it becoming so overbearing it’s all you’re remembered for.


There are a range of quality items on the website which I particularly like and wanted to share some with you to help you to show your stylish yet professional side the next time you’re sent off to a meeting or preparing your look for your job interview.


Your earrings might seem like the kind of jewellery some people will take little or no interest in, but they can really stand out sometimes. On a night out, the long and dangling styles might be the best option but in a professional capacity the simple stud is much more effective and can give you a subtle touch of glam and class, showing that you’re there for business purposes and not just to make an impression.


The best example of this – and there are plenty – from the House of Rokoko is the feather earring cuff designed by Daisy Knights. It’s simple, stylish and very very classy giving you enough of a sparkle without taking away the importance of what you’re saying.


Your necklace is also very important to your look, especially if you’re wearing a dress for your meeting. With a suit and blouse, it’s often less vital as it is likely to be beneath your top, but with an open-necked dress it will really stand out.


However, you may need to channel your inner rock-chick and tone it down to get the stylish but professional you to come across in all its glory and that’s what makes the headdress silver tur necklace, again from Daisy Knights, so great. With its amazing silver design and the subtle turquoise adding the wow factor, you’ve got style and sophistication that even compliments your earrings.


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