Compression therapy is becoming more and more common these days as doctors recognize the seemingly endless list of benefits offered by such garments. These items are particularly important during the period just after surgery takes place, which can involve numerous complications if the correct measures aren’t taken.

To this end, compression garments can be extremely helpful to facilitate a reduced healing period, while also offering support to bodies having just undergone surgery. Compression garments can even be helpful for pregnant women, especially when in need of increased abdomen and back support.

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How Does Compression Work?

Surgeries often entail numerous complications after completion, some of which may be very severe. Compression garments can help address the after-effects of surgery by increasing external pressure on deep tissues, which may have been affected by surgical procedures.

For instance, compression garments can help reduce bruising and swelling after surgery has taken place, as well as increase the overall pace of the recovery process. These garments can also keep skin tight and taut, which will prevent unsightly sagging or creases from occurring.

What Type of Garments Are Available?

There are many different types of compression garments available, allowing patients to find a specific item to suit their exact needs. Some garments afford all over support, while others may only target specific areas. Choosing the right garment can be important for getting the most out of your recovery period.

When seeking compression garments for medical purposes, it’s best to select those items that have been designed with the input of the medical community to achieve the very best results. This includes easy closure to accommodate those with less mobility after surgery. Compression garments should also be somewhat comfortable to ensure they can be worn as prescribed without interruption.

Can Compression Garments Be Worn During Pregnancy?

Women can even make use of compression garments during and after pregnancy. For pregnant women, shapewear can improve posture and offer support to over-worked back muscles. This is highly important to remaining comfortable during pregnancy, as many women experience increasing back pain throughout.

Compression garments are also useful for getting back to your former figure after pregnancy. Things like waist cinchers actually serve to strengthen stomach muscles over time, which can be a concern for many women post-pregnancy. Additionally, compression garments offer an instant reduction of inches, thereby increasing one’s confidence in all types of attire.

Acquire Much-Needed Support During the Recovery Process

While body shapers are commonly worn for aesthetic purposes, these pieces can also have numerous health benefits as illustrated above. No matter what type of garment you ultimately choose, it’s best to talk to your doctor to ensure your recovery period remains a success.

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