Smile increases your face value; however, teeth problems can mar the beauty of a smile. Stained and yellow teeth, broken teeth or protruding teeth are some of the big problems that spoil smiles and make people under-confident. Thank fully, cosmetic dentistry has advanced a great deal and there’s almost nothing that cannot be done to restore a smile to its full beauty, albeit for a price. A cosmetic dentist Brooklyn combines various procedures, all of which aim at increasing the beauty of your smile.

Cosmetic dentistry is a collection of numerous treatments. Many people resort to cosmetic dentistry for making their smiles beautiful, Celebrities and showbiz personalities are top of the list. They spend a great deal of money on expensive cosmetic surgery treatments to keep their teeth sparkling, pearly white, just as you see them in the movies and the adverts. Teeth whitening may involve scaling, polishing and coating the teeth with a white material.

Smile makeover is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure that requires an expert cosmetic dentist Brooklyn to handle. This requires careful planning, X-rays, scans and 3D images in order to execute. At the basic level, smile makeover can involve braces. Braces can be of different types and are installed in order to align the teeth properly and make the smile beautiful. Sometimes, a crown or cap may be needed to restore a smile when a tooth is partially broken.

Other cosmetic dentistry treatments include composite filling, cosmetic dentures and implants for restoring a smile. If a person loses some of his teeth, it can affect smile as well as the shape of the face. Cosmetic dentures are installed in order to restore smiles and impart a facelift. At times, Botox is used in combination with dentures to provide a facelift without undergoing a surgical procedure.

Replacing missing teeth with implants is another cosmetic procedure used to restore smiles. Implants become necessary when you don’t want to damage the surrounding healthy teeth, which have to be grinned down to size before fixing a bridge. A dental implant is fixed in the jawbone and works like a natural tooth. A dental bridge can also be termed as a cosmetic dentistry procedure. For installing a fixed bridge, there should be teeth on both the sides of a missing tooth (or teeth) to support the bridge. A bridge is easier to install than an implant, as the latter requires a surgical procedure and take much time.

Cosmetic dentistry treatments can be expensive as well as time consuming. An implant might take up to 6 months or more to become fully functional.  Braces usually take one to two years in straightening and aligning teeth. Teeth whitening takes lesser time and may be done in a couple of appointments. Cosmetic dentistry also demands your cosmetic dentist Brooklyn to hold special qualifications and a lot of experience. Your dentist should also be equipped with the latest instruments and should be aware of the latest cosmetic dentistry procedures. Be mindful about your budget before you go for cosmetic dental treatments.

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