Loss of teeth has become a serious problem for many people these days. This arises mostly because of a disease or trauma but how to evaluate the best dental restorative option? In order to get this answer, you have to consult with the best dentist of your city. The dentist will assess your individual history and will make a complete oral evaluation of your hard and soft tissues. You may also have to undertake an X-ray. It is only then that the dentist can tell you which one is the best solution for your teeth. You should not take this matter lightly as your future facial appearance depends to a great extent on the treatment you are availing.

Dental Implant

You should have every kind of information on the advantages and disadvantages of dental implant and dentures before taking your final decision. Let’s delve deeper into their functions.


These are simple detachable false teeth. You can have full as well as partial dentures. In this procedure man made teeth are fixed permanently into a mold that looks like your gums. Here the dentures are placed on your gums with a paste every morning. This paste prevents your dentures from slipping away while you are eating or talking. You can remove them before going to sleep and place them in a container for soaking and cleaning. They work just like natural teeth by imitating the bite of your teeth. However they are not very useful as they won’t allow you to relish certain foods.

Dental implants

The process of dental implant involves permanent placement of false teeth in your mouth with the help of a dental specialist. It mainly consists of a screw or root implant placed into your jaw bone. Here an abutment is fixed to the screw for holding on the crown. If you are opting for this treatment, you won’t feel any difference as it works just like natural teeth. You will feel like as if you are using your own teeth.

Choosing dental implant over dentures

You have to take the decision whether to opt for dental implants or dentures after making a clear idea about their respective advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless choosing an implant rather than denture is always a smart decision. Dental implants have several advantages over dentures. Considering these advantages will help you to arrive at the right decision. So let’s have a look at them.

Offer permanent solution

Implants will help you give a permanent solution for your teeth. They are permanent fixtures and so they do not move around in your mouth while eating or talking. As a result you don’t have to take any tension that they will come out of your mouth while you are having your meal or talking with someone. In contrast your dentures may come out of your mouth suddenly and you may face an embarrassing moment before your guests. Moreover you have to remove your dentures every night for the purpose of cleaning and soaking them. So you will not have any teeth while going to your bed which leads to your changed facial appearance.

Provide a comfortable and natural feel

You will get a comfortable as well as a natural feeling while opting for implants. In contrast to dentures, dental implant doesn’t cause any damage to your mouth. Moreover you will not feel any pressure in your mouth. There will be neither any ill-fitting denture nor any messy plate for keeping the implants in the right place. The process of implant ensures the fact that your bone is not lost in your jaw bone. On the other hand if you wear dentures, you may have the feel that your teeth have been removed.

Help to enjoy a varied diet

The process of dental implant is very strong and so you can have varied diet. Dentures limit your choices of food whereas implants help you to eat different types of foods including nuts, meat, sticky foods and fruits. This is because you don’t have to take the tension that your implants will move around your mouth. The denture can cause discomfort as food pieces often get stuck under its plate. Furthermore it is not fitting well for having hard or sticky food.

Crux of the matter

The bottom line is that the implant will help you to go ahead in future whereas denture will hold you back to the past. Therefore implant is definitely a better option than a denture as it offers a permanent solution for your tooth replacement. The implant will give you the same feel when you have lost your teeth. So get rid of your denture and go ahead to make a better appearance with dental implant.

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