Four Fun and Challenging Ways To Exercise Your MindWhen you want to spend more time exercising your brain and mind, there are a few methods available that are fun and also challenging to increase functions and to help you with learning how to focus even more. Searching for fun and challenging ways to exercise your mind will help you to boost your brain power while discovering new methods of thinking and responding to situations you may not have known previously.




Get engaged with a variety of traditional puzzles and even online word puzzles that will challenge and stimulate your brain to help with exercising your mind. Some of the greatest puzzles to incorporate into your life to challenge the mind include Sudoku puzzles along with traditional crosswords. You can find both crossword and Sudoku puzzles in newspapers, magazines and even for free from home, online.


Find a New Game


Studies show that playing any type of online or offline game helps to challenge and exercise the mind, especially when there is strategy involved. If you are interested in discovering new potential online games or games for your computer, you can research the latest and greatest releases in any genre with IGN provides game screen shots, overviews and entire reviews from both players and professional game critics themselves. Playing an online game is highly recommended if you want to exercise your mind, as it often involves the ability to communicate and implement strategy with team mates from all around the world. Playing games regularly help to keep the mind active while allowing you to exercise your brain and have fun.


Learn a New Language


Learning a foreign language is a sure way to challenge the mind and exercise your brain regularly. When you learn an entirely new foreign language, you are required to understand the rules of the language itself when it comes to nouns, verbs and adverbs while you speak and even learn to write the language. Learning a foreign language is a great way to improve your memory while adapting to an entirely new culture that is truly unfamiliar to your current state of mind.


Work With Your Opposite Hand


To really challenge and stimulate your brain, try completing a task or a hobby you are interested in with the opposite hand that you are familiar with using for everyday activities. Using your opposite hand will stimulate the brain and force you to think more thoroughly about the actions you are making and the control you have over your body.

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