When a relative begins to need assistance due to aging or progressing illnesses, it can be difficult to find the time to help out. For people who have started careers and families far away from their childhood homes, distance can get in the way of caring for parents. It’s important to remember that parents are more than happy to see their children and grandchildren flourish wherever they are. Guilt is a common feeling in individuals facing the question of eldercare, but it doesn’t have to be. In recent years, home care agencies have been growing popularity as a solution to senior’s healthcare that keeps seniors’ desires to stay at home in mind.

The majority of elders have expressed a will to “age in place,” a term that refers to older adults remaining in their residence of choice, even if they begin to need assistance. Most elders in developing nations and traditional societies already do this, though in the West, long-term facilities have increasingly become the standard. It’s important for caretakers and future caretakers to have this conversation with their older relatives. Asking what they want for their future can go a long way in maintaining a trusting, loving relationship.


At-home senior care through home healthcare agencies makes aging in place an accessible option. Remaining at home doesn’t mean that nothing has to change, though, and there are some simple design tweaks that can make a house more senior-friendly. For example, living rooms ought to be cleared of clutter and given broad avenues, particularly if wheelchairs are a factor. Low tables should definitely be removed, as they can quickly become a hazard for falls. Slide out shelves and step stools can also be helpful additions in the kitchen.

Mobile technology is having a huge impact on homecare for seniors by keeping relatives in the loop and readily available, even when they live across the globe. In-home care agencies like Mavencare have implemented mobile apps to keep distant or busy relatives in the picture. Relatives communicate with caregivers by creating their own task lists that include things like appointments, escorted outings, and medication reminders. Caregivers send photos and live updates during their visits so relatives can keep track of scheduled visits. The ability to track caregivers during visits can be an added assurance during trips to the doctor or the park. If your aging parent needs assistance, stop by Mavencare.com to find out how mobile technology can keep you involved, even while you’re living far away.

On-demand home care is only a tap away with mobile apps that allow you to manage bookings, payments, and medication reminders. Responsive homecare agencies like Mavencare can also deliver transportation assistance in a pinch when urgent appointments spring up suddenly. On-demand care is increasingly a reality and taking advantage of flexible, personalized strategies can be a safe way to satisfy an aging relative’s desire to stay at home. Get the help of connected and live-in caregivers for your mother or father.

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