If there is one part of the body that is most ‘used and abused’ – other than our hands– it would have to be our mouths. The act of eating, speaking, and sometimes even breathing, is done via the mouth. Unfortunately, it is not given as much attention and care that it deserves, which is why many people often find themselves paying an impromptu visit to the dentist once they are having problems with a cracked tooth, bleeding gums, or even knocked out teeth.

But let us say that the person is more conscientious than others when it comes to taking care of his mouth and his teeth and gums. He brushes daily, maintains good oral hygiene, and visits his dentist on a regular basis. Still, in a stroke of bad luck or a dash of carelessness, he’s suddenly suffering from loosened teeth or a break in his gums because of an accident. He did not see it coming, but there it is.

What should you do if, despite all precautions, you still find yourself suffering from a dental emergency?

The moment you are facing a dental emergency, the first thing you should do is clearly identify what the problem is. Did you just break your jaw, and several teeth along with it? Did you accidentally bite your teeth or your lip? Did a sharp object cut through your gum, wounding the gum tissue itself?

If bleeding is involved, you should first do something to clean the affected area and stop the bleeding. Rinse your mouth with water very gently to remove any dirt or debris, thereby avoiding infections. Afterwards, make an appointment with a dentist. However, to be on the safe side – especially if the bleeding doesn’t stop, or there is a swelling – it would be best if you go directly to the emergency room of a nearby hospital or dental clinic. Let’s face it: there are some instances when waiting would not do you any favors.

Fortunately, almost everywhere you look will have an emergency dentist. Phoenix is one such place. In fact, if you look at cities and areas that are dynamic and urbanized, there are significant numbers of emergency medical and dental personnel. Perhaps it goes with the territory, considering how these crowded and urbanized areas also tend to list the higher numbers of injuries and accidents.

The most important advice given to people who are facing emergency would still be this: DO NOT PANIC. Panicking tends to send all rational thought out the window, leading them to make drastic decisions that would do more harm than good. Stay calm, look over your options and weigh them carefully. This way you’ll be able to find the best solution.

There is another issue that must be addressed: often, in cases of emergency, when time is of the essence, taking your sweet time to pick and decide on which dentist would attend to you is not a luxury you could afford. Well, you can solve that by going to a hospital with reputable and competent dental facilities and personnel, or a dental clinic known for providing highly reliable services. Anyway, you can rest assured that you will be given a well-trained emergency dentist. Emergency Dentist Phoenix – just like all other emergency dentists in other cities and states – would never be called such if they aren’t used to dealing with these cases.

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