It seems like every other week a new “cure-all” skincare solution enters the market. One that will make your complexion clearer, brighter, younger, and tighter all at once. Is that even possible?


Well… There is one thing that you can do that will get you going in the right direction and is universally a good idea when it comes to your skin: seek professional help.


Finding the Right Guide


While you might imagine that there are simple skin categories like “dry”, “oily”, or “mature”, most people have various combinations that might even change throughout the year according to the season, weather, or hormone levels. A professional at a high-quality clinic or a dermatologist will be able to properly identify your skin type, diagnose any imbalances, and recommend a Phytomer facial treatment that will fill in all the gaps. Now the rest of the “bullet” remains in the proper, regular, and committed care of your skin.



Cleaning your face is the cornerstone of skincare. Without it your face will look dull, grey, and will be prone to developing imperfections. However, not every cleanser will work for every skin type. While gentle cleansers won’t necessarily harm your skin, some complexions need a more heavy-duty cleanser to manage the oil levels and potentially medicate skin that might be otherwise breaking out. So just because something has a “natural exfoliant” or a special brush does that mean that it is good for your skin.



Toners are usually associated with skin types that are oily, however, everyone can benefit from a toner, if it is chosen for their unique needs. While they often minimize the appearance of pores and tighten the skin, harsh toners can hurt sensitive or dry skin types.



Everyone needs moisturizer —though again, the kind varies according to your unique needs. From plumping ones with hyaluronic acid, to calming gel varieties for inflamed blemish-prone skin, adding moisture back to your skin after the previous two steps is key to maintaining healthy skin.


Additional Treatments

Once you have your regular routine down, the special sauce is your choice of treatments. This is where you can target your “variances” due to the weather, stress levels, and hormones. Whether that’s a peeling scrub, a nourishing mask, or an oxygen infusion, learn to understand what your skin needs and hand it over!


All in all, the answer to the question remains confusing. While there is no one product that will agree with everyone’s skin, proper diagnosis, a carefully constructed routine, and regular maintained is the recipe to beautiful, glowing skin, no matter what you have been blessed with.


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