About 12,500 Americans suffer spinal cord injury annually. In addition to recovery, one of the top challenges that most spinal cord injury patients face is the medical expense. The initial cost of hospitalization is approximately $140,000 and during the first treatment, the patient is likely to spend $198,000. Further, people with quadriplegia are likely to cost $500,000 and the lifetime treatment are likely to cost $1.35 million. The bad news is that only half of the spinal cord injury patients are covered by appropriate health insurance.

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What can a spinal cord attorney do for you?

According to Harry M. Roth, a reputable expert in spinal cord injury law, if you have been injured because of another person’s negligence, there are two you ways to collect your dues. First, you can sue the person responsible, take the case to trial and let the jury determine the amount of compensation you should get.

Second, you may be offered an option of settling the issue out of court before you sue the entity responsible for your damages or at any point in the trial before the jury gives the verdict. In case you opt for the second option, you will be given a set sum in exchange for your consent and signature on a form that releases the other entity from further liability.

Both options  are complicated processes, and even if you have a little knowledge of the personal injury law, you still need a lawyer. An experienced attorney is familiar with all the laws associated with spinal cord injury cases and can help you establish if a settlement is fair. Besides, the attorney will assist in negotiating with the insurance service provider to agree on a fair settlement.

Trained lawyers who have been practicing law for many years are likely to have outstanding experience and knowledge of different spinal cord legal cases they have handled before. Such a professional can offer strong expertise and present the right evidence to convince the jury to award you, the victim, right compensation you deserve.

Risks of pursuing a spinal cord injury claim without a lawyer

Regardless of the severity of your injuries or the evidence that the other party was at fault, all spinal cord injury lawsuits or claims are difficult cases to win. Opting to take on such a case with legal help means you are taking the following risks.

  • Making a procedural mistake or missing a deadline. Remember, personal injury lawsuits and insurance claims have very strict time limits and detailed procedures that must be followed.
  • Failing to prove that the accused was at fault. In most cases, spinal cord injuries are high-dollar, and the accused or insurance companies always prepare a strong defense.
  • Miscalculating your damages. It’s challenging to identify and calculate all the possible damages associated with your spinal cord injuries, especially in the long-run.
  • Unfair settlement. Without the right legal counsel, the defendant’s lawyers can take advantage of you during the settlement negotiations and encourage you to sign an unfair compensation agreement.

As soon as you realize you have been injured, you should collect all the details about the accident and preserve it. Without a reliable attorney, you wouldn’t know to ake photographs, acquire the contact details and the insurance details from the other party or collect any other relevant piece of evidence. This will make it challenging to prove that someone was responsible for the accident that caused your spinal cord injuries.


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