Body modifications is all the rage nowadays. From piercings to plastic surgery, more and more people are opting to change the way they look permanently rather than temporarily. There are many different ways that people accomplish this. If you are interested in trying any of these methods, be sure to speak with a professional or doctor before trying anything yourself.

Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is definitely becoming a very popular way to modify the way a body looks. Some people opt for more subtle changes, like rhinoplasties that just change the way your nose looks. Other people are having their tummies tucked and their butts lifted so that they can get that lean look without dieting or going to the gym. One thing that is becoming a major trend nowadays would be implants. You might be thinking of breast implants, but more and more people are having implants put into their cheeks, butts and even thighs. Some people have even had implants put into their abdomen area so that they give the impression of having a six-pack.


Piercings are relatively common and are done all over the world. You might even have a piercing or two yourself on your ears or somewhere on your face. However, more and more individuals are pushing their bodies to the limit by having hundreds of piercings done on their body. Genital piercings are becoming increasingly popular as well as gauge piercings in ears and noses. Gauge piercings actually stretch out the hole of the piercing so that it becomes more of a permanent look rather than a temporary one. One issue related to piercings would be the aftercare of them. Infections are incredibly common among people who get pierced, so it is important to keep up with hygiene if this is the extreme you’d like to take.

Weight and Muscle

Weight gain, weight loss and muscle gain are all very popular body modifications that people practice every single day. This is not saying that losing a few stones is an extreme way to push your body, but people are going to absolute extremes just to look good. It is not uncommon anymore for someone to spend hours in the gym lifting weights just to get a muscled physique that they can be proud of. Other people are undergoing surgery to have their stomachs stapled in order to lose weight and limit their eating. Some people are even overeating in order to gain weight for eating competitions and certain types of sports, these changes are often aided by supplements to quicken the process.

When it comes to extreme body modifications, it is always best to know where your limits are in particular. Just because someone else is covered in piercings and tattoos doesn’t mean that you will feel comfortable going through the same thing that they did. You also need to make sure that you talk with a healthcare professional before trying any of the extreme modifications that have been mentioned and talked about.

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