Exercise is good only if you don’t push your body past its limits.

Exercise gives a lot of benefits to the human body. It keeps us in top shape, improves our mood, controls weight, and boosts energy. But aside from those boons that we get from exercise, it also has its fair share of banes when certain things are not prepared or done properly. In a worst case scenario, exercise can even compromise one’s health. So how can you create a safe and healthy exercise routine?


  1. Consult your doctor

First things first; consult your doctor whether you have any pre existing injuries, unstable and chronic conditions, or any risky condition which may be aggravated by exercising. You can also inform your doctor regarding the type of exercise you are planning to undergo. By doing this, he can assess your overall health and check if you are good to go with your exercise routine. Your doctor can also give you tips to further maximize the benefit you can get from your exercise.


  1. Wear the appropriate gear

Choose the appropriate clothes and shoes designed for your type of exercise. Men’s and women’s compression shorts are perfect for all kinds of exercises.  Wear rubber shoes that are in perfect condition and replace them whenever their cushioning and sole are already worn out. Also, choose the appropriate gear for the weather that you plan to exercise in.


  1. Warm up and cool down

Start every exercise with a ten minute warm up and end it with a ten minute cool down. The purpose of a warm up is to prepare your body for the main exercise, to prepare all the systems that more work will be needed for the upcoming main exercise. A cool down, on the other hand, slowly attunes your body from a state where every system is doubling its workload to a more relaxed state.


  1. Start slowly

A good exercise routine should start slowly to prevent your body from overworking unless if you have already been exercising frequently and vigorously. Activity levels can be increased depending on how you frequently exercise and the intensity of your exercise routine.


  1. Do not overwork your body

Exercising too hard or too often can lead to injuries. Cumulative trauma disorders can result from exercising too much and this can result in the inflammation of your tendons and ligaments, fractures due to excessive workload, and stiff or sore joints and muscles. Muscle soreness should start normally at 12 to 24 hours after an exercise and it should gradually lessen. In contrast, intense muscle pain that persists for weeks is a sign of over-exercising.


  1. Your body dictates your exercise routine

If you are already feeling very fatigued or sick after an exercise you should reduce either the number of repetitions or the workload of your exercise. It is important to know the limits of your body in order to avoid injuries.


  1. Rehydrate

Drinking plenty of water is enough for the majority of people who regularly exercise. For those who are exercising or training especially hard, drink fluids that replace the needed electrolytes to prevent dehydration.

Final Thoughts

Now that all the essentials are covered, it is time to start your exercise routine and get your body in a top shape. With perseverance and determination, we will be able to achieve anything we put our mind into.

The human body is a temple; we should take care of it and cultivate its maximum potential in order for us to enjoy the things in life to the fullest.



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