Everybody loves to add sauces in their food to enhance its taste. There are wide varieties of sauces available in the market, which can be added with different types of food according to your choice and taste. Ranges of sauces include tomato sauce, chili sauce, mustard sauce, onion sauce, mayonnaise sauce and more. Most of the sauces are considered to be unhealthy and hence one has to compromise either with his/her health or taste. Mayonnaise sauce is the healthiest sauce that contains vitamins and is truly good for heart. It is a thick, creamy sauce that contains good health benefits and tastes really great. It can be used with Italian foods, salads, sandwiches, fries, chips and lot more. It makes your food tempting and delicious. Mayonnaise sauce is available in the market and if you want you can prepare it at your home too. Look for wholesale mayonnaise to buy it at fair price and save your money. Preparing this sauce is not a big deal. Ingredients that are used in preparing mayonnaise sauce are whipped egg yolk, vinegar, olive oil; spices and herbs can be added according to taste. Whisk egg yolk vigorously and add oil and vinegar to it, you can also use lemon instead of vinegar. Oil that can be used in it is olive oil, canola oil, soya bean oil, but people mostly prefer using olive oil. Add spice if you love it. Mayonnaise sauce is suggested to be stored in cool place.

Benefits of mayonnaise sauce:

Mayonnaise sauce is well known for its health benefits. Several benefits offered by it are as follows.

  1. Mayonnaise sauce is low in fat and hence, it does not cause any adverse effect on your weight and health.
  2. It is supposed to be very good to keep your heart fit and healthy. It reduces the chances of heart attack.
  3. It also makes your blood circulation better and aids in proper functioning of lungs.
  4. Mayonnaise sauce is rich in Vitamin E, thus it is a good antioxidant.
  5. Apart from health benefits, Mayonnaise can also be used to treat dry hair. It acts as a good conditioner and hence makes your hair softer and silky.
  6. It also helps in getting a baby soft and glowing skin. It cleans off the dead cell and nourishes your skin.
  7. Mayonnaise gives a soothing effect and therefore, it can be applied to get a radiant skin.
  8. It also reduces the anti aging effect, therefore preferred by women.
  9. Mayonnaise is used to treat sun burn as well. It sooths the affected area and moisturizes your skin.
  10. It is also used in treating brittle nails and dark cuticles.

Use mayonnaise to get large number of health and beauty benefits. Mayonnaise sauce undoubtedly has number of nutritional benefits, but excessive use of it must be avoided. It contains Omega- 3 fatty acid, excessive use of which leads to various serious health issues. Use it in suggested quantity to avoid numerous health disadvantages. Add mayonnaise sauce to your plate and make your food yummy and healthy.

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