Do you feel like you don’t have time to do the things you love doing because of all the chores that you have? You may have plenty of things to do, but that does not mean that you have to let go of the things that you enjoy doing. If you learn how to schedule your chores, you can cut your chores in half so that you don’t feel the burden. Below are some tips on how you can cut your daily chores in half.


  • Do small chores during the week – Don’t let your chores pile up. Do small chores during the week. Do the laundry every other day, don’t let the dishes pile up, and make it point to clean your house daily. This beats having to do piles of dishes and a bunch of laundry, which can take hours. If you do your chores during the week, you can have a peaceful weekend wherein you can relax and enjoy the things you love doing.


  • Take turns when going to the grocery – If you live with your family or a partner, a good idea is to take turns going to the grocery store. Spend time together creating a grocery list. You can pick up the groceries this week, and have your partner do it the next. This eliminates one chore for the week. Now you have free time to do what you love! This does not only work for doing the grocery, you can take turns doing other chores as well.


  • Less laundry – This does not mean that you have to completely let go of washing your clothes. There are some types of clothing that you can use more than once such as jeans, a pullover, and pajamas. Lessening your laundry means lessening your laundry time. During the summer, wear sandals instead of sneakers with socks. You can also wear light clothing. This is a small thing that you can do to cut your time doing the laundry.


  • Use appropriate cleaning supplies – Investing in cleaning supplies can take a lot of time cleaning your home. For instance, invest in a good mop so you can clean the floors easily. This beats having to be on all fours on the floor with a rag on your hand. Use magnetic dusters for your blinds and hard to reach areas. Purchase cleaning agents that can remove dirt and grime in minutes. If you have the right cleaning supplies and tools, you will certainly cut your cleaning time in half.



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