While there are several psychological procedures to trace root of human problems and resolve them, past-life regression deserves a special mention. In this process, a person is required to undergo hypnosis to help him or her recall memories from earlier life. The process has faced questions and cynicisms from skeptics but the number of followers and proponents are not negligible either. This backbone of this process relies on concept of reincarnation. This treatment is meant for aiding a man or woman whose previous life experiences are affecting present life. The therapy helps the persons recover from repressed trauma hidden in deep layers of their mind. Mastering nuances of past-life regression can be time consuming and you will need a therapist who is well versed in the process.


Conscious and sub- conscious layers of mind

Human mind can be broadly divided into two sections- Sub-conscious and conscious. Most of the times, your thoughts and actions are governed by things recorded and registered in the conscious part of mind. It remains active when you are awake and perform everyday chores. The sub- conscious layer of mind, while not active at all times, acts as a vast repository of myriads of experiences and memories. While you are not vividly aware of it, this layer of mind stores every sight, smell, sound, feeling and sensation that you come across in life in great detail.

Why regression therapy is needed

Proponents of regression believe that sub conscious mind does not die with body since its part of human soul. Post reincarnation, the soul enters a new body and it brings along the sub conscious mind. It results in revival of memories related with past life. However, when such memories include experiences of trauma, pain, fear and suffering that can affect the life of the person adversely. Such memories can haunt him or her and cause emotional turmoil and disturbance. With past life regression therapy, therapists can discover hidden incidents and events that are source of such traumas. They use hypnotic treatments to resolve these deep rooted mental blocks and fears to free the person from, recurrence of such negative and repressive thoughts. It can be described as a holistic therapy that is based on principle of karma.

When Past Life regression therapy can be sought

Past Life Therapy can be quite effective when the following issues are faced.

  • It can be used to treat physical ailments whose roots lie in mental problems related to past like karma.
  • It can be used for problems that have no cure or treatment in traditional medical ways.
  • This can be used to control violent emotional outbursts, phobia or fears which have no diagnosable cause apparently.
  • Relationship problems with unknown roots.

Certain physical problems like speech problems, stammering and asthma have been treated several times with regression using hypnosis. However, based on severity of condition, number of session can vary from one person to another.

Myths and reality about regression treatment

There are some prevalent misconceptions about regression therapy that involve hypnosis to cure deep rooted mental trauma or mental problems. It is better if you get your facts clear on the therapy before opting for it for any reason.

  • You cannot be hypnotized forcibly for regression therapy.
  • Therapeutic hypnosis is not equivalent to brainwashing for any religious ideology or other purposes.
  • In this therapy, hypnosis is not preformed to make anyone say anything against his or her conscious will.

Obvious benefits of regression therapy

There are long term advantages of past life regression apart from resolving the unexplained pain and traumas of earlier life. It leaves the subconscious mind free of burdens and elements that can give rise to complications. When administered by a therapist with considerable expertise it helps you better understand your life and personality. Since it unravels incidents and deeds that led to suffering and pain in other life, you become wiser to evade them in present life.

This article is contributed by Simmon Pierre who writes for Chris DeSerio of ChrisDeSerio.com, a well known reiki master.

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