If you are in Australia, or any nation in the world, you know you need health insurance to help you pay for regular or unexpected medical and related expenses. Besides, Australian law requires everyone who lives in Australia to have health insurance. However, you want to get a bargain plan, in terms of receiving the best plan available with the richest benefits at the lowest price possible – everyone does!  But how do you do this? One answer is by visiting iHealth Insurance’s website at https://www.iselect.com.au/health-insurance/.


What is iHealth Insurance anyway?

You are likely asking that question, and if you did, you asked a very good one. The answer is iHealth Insurance is Australia’s leading online web portal for health insurance providers. What this means is that iHealth Insurance networks with Australia’s major and minor health insurance companies to provide you with a menu of hundreds of different plans to choose from in terms of price, plan offerings and coverings, and benefit ranges. This means you will be able to choose the best plan for you (and your family) at a price that you can afford.


When you visit iHealth Insurance’s website, you will see that it is a portal for different types of insurance in Australia, ranging from health to Overseas Visitors Coverage. The health insurance section of the website is useful because it is well organized. When you click on the health hyperlink, you will see a drop down menu emerge which lists hyperlinks that inform you of the basic facts regarding private health insurance coverage in Australia. You will also learn what a Medicare Levy Surcharge is – basically a tax of a small amount of your income if you make more than a certain amount annually and don’t have private health insurance. The health insurance section of the site is easy to navigate and very informative in that you will learn everything about private health insurance coverage in Australia.


If you go to the ‘compare options’ section of the drop down menu and you click on the ‘hospital cover’ hyperlink, you will find many hyperlinks on the left hand side of the page which contain comprehensive information regarding private health insurance in Australia. The information on the main page (hospital cover) provides you with basic and general information regarding private health insurance mechanisms in Australia. For example, you will learn that you can avoid being placed on the long waiting lists associated with the public system of socialized medicine and public health care by choosing your own doctor who will provide you with the health care that you need. Your private health insurance plan will cover almost all or all medical and hospital expenses so you will have little or no out of pocket expenses. You will also learn that having private health insurance will serve as a safeguard for you against unexpected tax hikes. Since no one appreciates that, this is news you will want to hear! The last portion of the health insurance section informs you about the claims process and walks you through the process of choosing a private health insurance plan.


In summary…

Since Australia has many private health insurers which offer a myriad of health insurance plans and benefit ranges, you may be overwhelmed by the task of picking the best health insurance plan for you. However, if you rely on iHealth Insurance to guide you through this process, you will find that you will be informed and guided enough to find the best health insurance plan for you with the benefits you want at the price you can afford!

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