When you need a specific medical treatment, you have a lot of specialists to choose from in any hospital or health care facility. But, if two or more specialists offer similar services, which one of them should you choose? Two good examples of specialists that sound like they share the same medical services are orthopedic surgeons and podiatric doctors. What exactly are their similarities, and who should you approach for your condition? Here below is our short guide on how to distinguish between Read more [...]
If the notion of having your own medical practice has crossed your mind a time or two, what are you waiting on? Running your own practice can be both profitable and quite fulfilling to your career. So, how best to get started and live your dream now and down the road? Be Confident in Your Abilities In getting your medical practice off the ground, remember these keys moving ahead: 1. Be confident in what you learned – What good of a physician will you be if patients see confidence lacking? Read more [...]
Since the medical marijuana program operation took off in January of 2019, the State Medical Board of Ohio has approved over 130 qualified physicians to prescribe marijuana as a treatment, including physicians from Mason, Enon, Yellow Springs, and Dayton.   Given that medical marijuana Ohio law is relatively new in the regulation system, there is a lack of clarification, particularly when it comes to what legally permissible or prohibited under the law, including the potential legal ramifications Read more [...]
If you are in Australia, or any nation in the world, you know you need health insurance to help you pay for regular or unexpected medical and related expenses. Besides, Australian law requires everyone who lives in Australia to have health insurance. However, you want to get a bargain plan, in terms of receiving the best plan available with the richest benefits at the lowest price possible - everyone does!  But how do you do this? One answer is by visiting iHealth Insurance’s website at   What Read more [...]
When it comes to managing your health, medical professionals depend on accurate information so they can provide higher-quality care. As with many other industries, taking advantage of new technology has proven essential in improving results. When your doctors have an instant access to electronic medical records, they have all the data they need to make informed decisions for your care. These forms are truly comprehensive — the following is just some of the information that can be stored in these Read more [...]
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About 12,500 Americans suffer spinal cord injury annually. In addition to recovery, one of the top challenges that most spinal cord injury patients face is the medical expense. The initial cost of hospitalization is approximately $140,000 and during the first treatment, the patient is likely to spend $198,000. Further, people with quadriplegia are likely to cost $500,000 and the lifetime treatment are likely to cost $1.35 million. The bad news is that only half of the spinal cord injury patients Read more [...]
There is a certain disgrace that goes along with contracting a sexually transmitted disease (STD). In fact, it can be downright embarrassing visiting with a doctor and admitting that you believe you have acquired an STD. Many people believe that STDs and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) only happen to people who sleep around. They are mistaken with this belief. However, there are ways to avoid getting an STD if you know what to do.  According to the Centers for Disease Control, in the United Read more [...]
Hand injuries can be disruptive to your life causing inconveniences and pain. To find relief, you many need to find a trusting hand surgeon. But keep in mind that there are things to look for when finding the right one.   Do your research! First, always do your research and for only the top rated and best hand surgeon in Phoenix. Reviews and referrals say a lot and can help you find a hand surgeon that you can trust. Also, look up success rates and types of procedures offered. One of the most Read more [...]
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When you think of hobbies like playing the guitar or trying to find diecast models in Canada, you probably view them as enjoyable leisure activities that are a good way to relax but don’t provide any real benefits. The reality might surprise you. Hobbies have been linked with a wide range of mental and physical health benefits. Here’s a closer look at how something as simple as having a hobby will help you. 1.   Physical Health You don’t have to get into running or weight lifting to enjoy Read more [...]
Nowadays, people go to any length as far as plastic surgery is concerned to enhance their beauty. Although some people are not in favor of it, plastic surgery actually goes beyond beauty benefits—it has health benefits too.   Below are several ways plastic surgery can improve your health and well-being.   Improved self-esteem   Plastiikkakirurgia or plastic surgery is mainly about boosting self-esteem. Individuals of all ages benefit from plastic surgery due to its amazing Read more [...]